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The Best Season To Get Married

The Best Season To Get Married


“What season should I get married in?”

It’s a question every couple has to ask themselves at some point & it can be a tricky one! And here’s the truth…There’s so many pros and cons to each season! Before we get down to the nitty gritty of which season is truly best, let’s chat about the differences that can come with each one! Let’s get down to it, shall we? 👏🏼

Spring (March, April, May)


The weather is warming up ☀️

Grass and trees are starting to get their green back 🌳

Flowers gain back their color and start to bloom 🌸


April is the beginning of “busy wedding season”, which means venues and vendors may be booked up pretty far out 🗓

Spring is the rainiest season in Kansas City, with May getting the most rain on average ☔️

This was one of my favorite spring weddings from 2021! It was in April at Lone Summit Ranch in Lee’s Summit…SO pretty! The grass was finally getting green, and the trees were starting to pop also! (I mean just look at that cute little red tree!). The weather was warm and they had a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and the rain stayed away until the end of the reception! Let me know if you’d like to see the full gallery.


Summer (June, July, August)


It’s almost guaranteed to be warm out ☀️

Everything is still colorful and in bloom 🌈

It’s a safe bet if you want to have an outdoor wedding 😍


Summer is the busiest time for vacations, so guests need notice of your date before making their plans! 🏖

It could literally be 100 degrees outside 🥵

It’s still peak wedding season, so you should try to book your vendors as soon as possible ✅

Summertime!! Look at all that green! Of all the summer weddings I worked in Kansas City last year (2021), a few of them did get some rain, but overall they stayed pretty dry. Super pretty, super fun, & super warm! To see full galleries from summer weddings, click here.



Fall (September, October, November)


Who doesn’t love some beautiful, vibrant orange leaves? 🍂

The weather is usually satisfactory (not too hot, not too cold) 👌🏼

The autumn colors can add some warmth to your photographs ✨


In Kansas City, leaves are only at their peak around the last weekend of October-first week of November 🍁

It’s still possible to have an outdoor wedding, but can be a little trickier if the weather doesn’t cooperate 😢

The leaves tend to die right after the first freeze, and there’s no way to know exactly when that will be ❄️

My 2021 fall couples realllly lucked out with their wedding day weather! Almost all of them had outdoor ceremonies that turned out  warm and perfect! The orange leaves + orange golden-hour light always makes for some gorgeous shots! Let me know if you want to see more!



Winter (December, January, February) 


This is the off-season for wedding vendors so they’re likely to have more availability ☺️

Some select venues and vendors have discounts for winter weddings 😲

You have the chance of getting a beautiful snow background or getting to make some fashion statements with fur coats/shawls 🌨


There’s a possibility for freezing temperatures, snow and sleet ☃️

Many holidays happen in the winter, so just keep that in mind while planning 🎄

Inclement weather can potentially prevent people from being able to make it to your wedding 😞

(Side note: I never thought I would want a winter wedding, but I got married in January and it was the best decision for us! If you have more questions or concerns about having a winter wedding of your own, reach out to me!)

Even though some trees start to get bare and grass starts to yellow in the winter, there are still plenty of nature spots that give off a “golden” vibe! So, don’t let that scare you off! If nature isn’t the look you’re going for and you’re wanting a city background for your wedding photos, winter might be a great season for you! To see more winter wedding photos or to know more about my winter wedding, contact me!


Here are some questions to consider when trying to pick your wedding date:

  • What is your favorite season?
  • What is your significant other’s favorite season?
  • What do you want your photos to look like? (colorful nature, vibrant autumn leaves, cityscape backgrounds…?)
  • What is the busiest season of work/school for you and your significant other?

And now to the juicy answer to “What’s the best season to get married?”

Whatever season you pick!

Whatever season you choose to get married in IS the best season, because it’s yours. It’s the season you’ll marry the love of your life. It’s the season you’ll get to celebrate your anniversary in each year.

Yes, it may sound cliche, but it’s TRUE. The best season is whichever one is best for you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!